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Our Ambassadors

OLPRO Products look best when they are out in the wild being used to their full potential. To show you this, we have recruited a lovely group of Campers, Campervanners and Caravanners to be OLPRO Brand Ambassadors.

Below is a little bit about them and links to their blogs and social media where you can see photos and read about their adventures with their OLPRO Tents, Awnings and Accessories.

Mark Macfarlane

Hi my name's Mark, I live in Scotland where the scenery is awesome. 
I've been wild camping pretty much all my life, starting off going out with my late father and about 6 years ago I became diagnosed with a long term illness which led to 4 years of the worst journey of my life. About 2 years into that journey I started wild camping again because I found it helped with my illness and after 4 years of it, it more or less cured me! I go hiking up Scotland's mountains and Lochs, I love being out in the snow, winter camping for me is the best type of camping, I also go to campsites for a relaxing camp and do some car camping.
My goals are to camp in the Arctic circle and walk across a glacier, look up to the northern lights while sleeping in a winter wonderland.
The gear I use is never expensive but always trustworthy and being a wild camper like myself, it's all you need.

I'm also a keen photographer and love a challenge there, I post some of my pictures on Instagram and videos on YouTube, I'm also an administrator of a few Facebook sites where members offer tips and show their pictures and videos.



Colin Russell

My name's Colin Russell, I'm an avid wild camper who can't get enough of the great outdoors. I'm out wild camping around Scotland every weekend, mainly in the Galloway forest, but get to some amazing locations all over Scotland. There's nothing better than getting out into the wild instead of sitting in the house, you just can't beat it, it's good for the soul. 

I do a lot of campfire cooking as well, which is always popular as well as some hillwalking/hiking.



Emma Witherford

Hey, my name is Emma and having grown up on the Malvern Hills, I have now moved to Nottingham to study and pursue my passion of whitewater kayaking. I have always enjoyed watersports and after starting kayaking on the River Severn, my attention quickly directed to Freestyle kayaking, which is essentially acrobatics in whitewater. I enjoy being outdoors and the awesome places I get to see from the river and people I get to meet, both in the UK and abroad!
Having started University in Nottingham, I also now play Canoe Polo having competed in the university circuit and in our first international tournament in Belgium. The combination of boating and being outdoors is something special which I have definitely built lots of memories from, that shape who I am now.
Think Kenneth Graham was quite right, “There's nothing––absolutely nothing––half so much worth doing as messing about in boats.”



Lisa Wells

I’m Lisa and my dogs; The Beast and Billy and I live our lives outdoors as much as we can. 

We live on the coast of North Wales and have the Snowdonia National Park as our playground. We are incredibly lucky to be able to combine our love of the outdoors with coastal walks, mountain hikes and Stand Up Paddleboarding. We also love wild camping; there’s no nicer feeling than being hugged by 2 balls of fluff in a sleeping bag on a mountain summit, and unzipping the door of our tent to an awesome sunrise.



Donna Van Senior

Hi, I'm Donna Van Senior - AKA 'The Lady in the Orange Van' - Hiker, Wild camper and Crag Dancer.
During work time I'm a mild mannered but loveably cheeky catering assistant at a north-east hospice.
In my time-off I turn into a Super Me...I love being outdoors, solo wild camping in all weathers 12 months a year, taking off at a moment's notice in my trusty rusty Orange Van. I make entertaining outdoors videos that make people smile. 
in 2019 I wild camped in The Lake District, Northumberland, The Cairngorms, Isle of Skye, The Outer Hebrides, Western Highlands and the east coast of Scotland. I love it and I'm really looking forward to sharing my 2020 adventures with OLPRO.




I’m Danielle (31), I live in Newcastle upon Tyne with my husband Andy and my daughter Alice who recently turned two. Living in the North East gives us the best of both worlds; we love living in the city but really enjoy that we can be in beautiful countryside or next to the beach in a short drive. Spending time together as a family is really important to us and getting out and about is our favourite thing to do; we enjoy walking, exploring new places and trying new places for some delicious food!

I work almost full time as a civil servant and outside of that I enjoy blogging; writing about all aspects of our life including family lifestyle, things to do, places to eat, DIY and interiors. I’ve focused my attention recently on renovating our new home and creating a great space to bring up my family. Our summer plans include lots of camping, getting around the UK and spending quality time as a family.


Zoe Turner

We are Zoe, Aron, Oliver, Finley and Molly. We are an ordinary family who like to have extraordinary adventures. Every weekend we are exploring the outdoors, either hiking, camping, wild camping, or taking part in an activity. We try our hand at anything, be it climbing, watersports or cycling. We just like to be active and adventurous. Our holidays consist of finding the local trails and our favourite way to sleep is in a tent! The kids love nothing better than setting up their beds and having a torch to tell stories with. You can usually catch us up a mountain, in a forest or around a lake, and 2020 is set to be a great year of adventures for us. We are aiming to walk Hadrian's Wall in late July, and will be up and down the country with our HikerKidz campaign. We aim to encourage children to get outside and set up group walks for children to join us in what we do best. More about this can be found on our social channels.



Natalie Ray

I'm Natalie, a blogger and writer from Worcestershire. I'm married with two girls aged 5 and 7, an excitable dog and a cheeky cat. We're an active, outdoorsy family and I particularly love open water swimming, even in the winter! We spend as much time as possible travelling around the UK in our high-top Mazda Bongo van with the dog in tow.



The Blackmore family

We are the Blackmore family, also known as the "T4 Family", and we are based in Somerset. We love being out and about travelling all over the UK, although we seem to spend a lot of our time in Cornwall and South-Wales.
We have been camping as a family since 2015 starting out with a basic tunnel tent, and then later upgrading to an inflatable tent. In 2017 we hired a campervan for a week to explore Wales, and immediately we were hooked. After a lot of looking for our perfect van, a year later we bought our campervan Gino, a Volkswagen T4 Transporter with a pop-top.
Since then we have been exploring as much as possible, often setting up a "base camp" with a drive away awning and then using the van to get out and explore the local area. In the Summer of 2019, we were away for 10 out of the 12 summer weekends, travelling as far as Yorkshire for a long weekend away.
We are fairly active on Instagram and over the last year have made a fantastic number of contacts with like-minded adventures, sharing advice and tips on the best places to stay, activities to try, shows to attend, and products to buy.

Our plans for 2020 are to hit the roads and travel up through the country and explore beyond our comfort zone. We are always looking for suggestions of where to go, so do get in touch.



Nyomi Winters is an established family lifestyle blog that has been growing since 2016. Nomipalony blogs and vlogs feature myself - Nyomi (36), Papa Ginge (36) and our two children Arlo (8) and Lena (5). We are a little Geordie family known for keeping it real and having a sense of humour. Every spring and summer we like to travel around the beautiful UK in our tent and we especially love camping at festivals. Even when our kids (notoriously) didn't sleep through the night (like, at all), they slept all night in a tent which is probably a big reason our family loves camping so much. In this ever hectic and online world, we love nothing better than getting some quality family time and slowing life down by being outdoors and getting back to basics, all cuddled up together sleeping under the stars.


Steve Stain

I’m an amateur photographer who loves wild camping in the mountains. I also have a vw camper and most weekends I’m out looking for landscapes to photograph. I do a lot of wild camping in the camper as well. 
I have my own YouTube channel recording my adventures.

I have an OLPRO Cocoon Breeze Campervan Awning, windbreaks, utility tent which I use on the VW weekends.



Marcus Rowe

We are Marcus and Biffy Rowe, and we are a “blended” family of 7 with our 5 kids; 4 girls and 1 boy, ranging 10 years to 18 years. Oh, and one crazy 2 year old scruffy Golden Doodle.
We both work; I work for an American owned, Global metrology company, covering the whole of EMEA, and Biffy works for an undertakers.
True spare time is limited, as you can imagine, and holidays for 7 can be extremely expensive, so we try to maximise our privileged location in Cornwall with taking as many camping weekends as possible.

I have always had an obsession with anything tech, gadget or engine related, so having a show class modified Campervan as the centre piece of our weekend camp outs, is perfect.

Caro Davies

We’re the Davies family; Caro, Dickie and our 6 year old twin boys Bertie and Cosmo. We have a little caravan called Dolly (currently Dolly Mark III!) that we take to festivals and on camping trips. Dolly's been the catalyst for so many amazing experiences; she’s most definitely more like a member of the family (and a real home-from-home) rather than ‘just’ a caravan. I write about our life and adventures over on my blog ’The Twinkle Diaries’; including our caravan makeovers which have proved to be very popular!




Lee Barton

Hi, I didn't realise I was an 'outdoors person' until I was over 40 - it's just what I have always done. My childhood included lots of camping and fishing in Scotland and it was my natural go-to when the holidays came around - travel, camp, hill walk, camp and return home. I used to turn down overtime at work to head into Snowdonia and appreciate the sound of silence on the hills, it was just instinctive to do so. Having been self-employed for many years I ended up going with my passion selling camping accessories and expedition foods before getting involved with Nearly Wild Camping. I believe in good value camping equipment that is both well made and affordable and as my YouTube channel shows I have reviewed many small tents suitable for wilder camping.



Claire Hall

We're a family of four, plus a dog, that has been camping and caravanning since day dot. My youngest daughter's first trip was when she was 13-days-old. Back then we had a caravan but we have just joined the camper van community with a VW T5 day van. We love the freedom of camping holidays in the UK and Europe, and can't wait to crack on with van life. My blog, Tin Box Traveller, shares all of our tips for travel with kids including camping, caravan and camper van holidays, as well as a whole bunch of other adventures.



Hannah Atkinson

My name is Hannah and I am a single disabled Mum to my son, Bear, although I try not to let my disabilities stop us from enjoying the great outdoors and camping. I bought a second hand trailer tent last year to make it easier for me and it is amazing! We are hoping to jazz it up a little bit, if we get some good weather and then will be making a trip to the North Yorkshire Dales, as soon as possible!

Joseph Seager

Joseph Seager is a photography YouTuber with a passion for exploring the UK. With a campervan allowing him to sleep and wake up on location, he's based in the North West, but can often be found in Wales, The Lakes or Scotland. Joseph often takes time away from his flexible self employed job to enjoy a couple of nights in the van, creating behind the scenes photography videos. As well as solo travels, he enjoys exploring with friends and adventuring with his wife and three young sons.